More Than a Century of Cadillac Innovation

100 years of cadillac   

Cadillac's vehicles are known for their performance, prestige, and luxury. It's easy to spot a Cadillac on the road today that has the brand's signature design elements. These features, which help set Cadillac apart from other automakers, add to its vehicles' appeal no matter what model or body style you choose. For more than 100 years, Cadillac has earned a reputation as a leader in the auto industry by introducing many new and notable concepts to the auto market.

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Which Cadillac Sedan is the Largest?

Cadillac CT5 
The largest sedan produced by Cadillac is the CT6. The CT6 was introduced in 2016, and it was produced through 2020. Cadillac made the CT6 a regular gasoline-powered sedan, along with a hybrid and sportier, more powerful version called the CT6-V that is a more performance-oriented variant with a more robust engine under its hood.


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About For Those Without a Voice in Glendale

Young childing holding on to adult's hand  

Very few charities can focus on so many populations at once as For Those Without a Voice. This charity believes in helping all of God's creatures, no matter what variety they happen to be. Their focus on children, families, animals, and the community at large has been a source of pride for them. More than that, though, it's a source of hope for those people and animals of the world who are suffering mightily with no sense of hope. For Those Without a Voice comes along and provides them hope.

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Find Your Perfect Car in 2021

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

If you're thinking of buying a Cadillac, there many great options available. There are so many good vehicles to choose from that the choices can seem almost overwhelming. You may already know what kind of car you want, in which case we encourage you to look at our current inventory online or by giving us a call. However, if you are searching for the perfect car, we have some key considerations to help you narrow down your list of options to see which Cadillac model is right for you.

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How to Update the Cadillac Navigation System

2021 Cadillac Escalade Navigation System  

The navigation system in your Cadillac vehicle may come in handy if you need directions to an unfamiliar location, but only if it contains up-to-date information. Roads and points of interest change more frequently than you might realize, so you'll need to update your navigation system periodically to make sure that you always know where you're going.

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How to Use the Cadillac Hands-Free Liftgate & Power Trunk


If you own a Cadillac vehicle, it might be equipped with a hands-free feature that allows you to open your trunk or liftgate with the motion of your foot. If you have this feature, stand within three feet of your vehicle with your key fob, kick straight out underneath the center of your rear bumper, and pull your foot back. The hands-free sensor is underneath the bumper's center, and kicking your foot out will activate it. Repeat the motion to close your liftgate or trunk. You will need to use a smooth motion and kick straight out; moving your…

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Cadillac XT5

Replacing the SRX crossover in 2017, the XT5 has become Cadillac's best-selling model in the U.S., it brings a few changes to refine further the ride you get. You also get some of the latest technology features for the 2021 model year. If you’re looking for a luxury SUV with a spacious interior and plentiful engine options, contact Arrowhead Cadillac to see the XT5.

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