We Accept All Cadillac Lease Returns

Thanks for returning to Arrowhead Cadillac to learn about your end-of-lease options. At Arrowhead Cadillac, we make it easy to transition at the end of your lease into any of the options explained below. Simply schedule an appointment for your free end-of-lease inspection, and we can start discussing your next move.


Most Cadillac drivers want loaded vehicles that have every new option and feature available. They like having a world-class automobile that is years ahead of many other models on the roads. If you want to be the first to experience new infotainment upgrades, state-of-the-art safety features, and world-class performance, you may wish to keep upgrading to the latest models.

At Arrowhead Cadillac, we stock a large selection of brand-new Cadillacs that are prepped and ready for sale. You can come in to test drive any model on our lots and begin shopping by clicking on the button below.


You can renew and extend the lease on your current Cadillac if you want to cash in on big savings and maintain the comfort of your current car. When you extend your lease, you also give yourself an opportunity to wait until a more elite model comes out with bigger upgrades. If you feel your current lease is still too new to change over, this may be a good option for your needs.


Your lease contract has a buyout price that allows you to simply pay for your leased Cadillac and own it outright. For drivers who've had a really good experience with their Cadillac models, this option is tempting. You can keep your Cadillac and it will hold its value very well. Some drivers also choose to buyout their Cadillacs and pay full purchase price because they have incurred excess mileage and wear. Instead of having to pay penalties and additional fees to lease a newer model, purchasing could potentially be a better option depending on your circumstances. No matter what you decide, we are always available to provide more information on your end-of-lease options.


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