At Arrowhead Cadillac, we are committed to helping our customers get into the car that meets their needs. Our staff has experience in helping people to find the right way to finance their auto purchase. And with rates at historically low levels, there has never been a better time to finance the acquisition of a new or pre-owned Cadillac.


Although it's not the most positive development, Americans today are saving less money and relying more on credit than at any time in history. While this is not always a good thing, it's not always a bad thing, either. One area where responsible borrowing can be highly beneficial for enhancing one's finances and life circumstances is in the realm of automotive finance.

Taking advantage of the many financing options that we at Arrowhead Cadillac make available to our customers can prove to be one of the smartest things that you'll do this year. We offer various financing options on both new and used vehicles. For those looking exclusively to acquire a new Cadillac, leasing may provide a good choice. Regarding driving off the lot in a brand-new car with a minimum of up-front costs, leasing has no competition. Additionally, the monthly payments on a lease are typically significantly lower than they would be when the same car is bought outright using loan financing.  

But leasing may not be appropriate for everyone. Customers leasing vehicles do not own their car and therefore are not building equity in it with their monthly payments. Also, those who drive frequently or long distances may not be able to economically lease a new vehicle as lease terms often have total mileage restrictions, which can cause substantial penalties to accrue when overages occur.  

For those who want the pride of owning their car, Arrowhead Cadillac works with qualifying lenders who make special financing available to those who qualify. This is a great way to finance your next car as it allows you to take full ownership of the vehicle and build equity in it every month. It also means that you will have the option to sell the car at any time, keeping whatever proceeds result from the sale.  

And even though many Cadillac buyers are financially well off, with plenty of liquid assets to buy their next car in cash, the historically low-interest rates available today can make financing a more attractive option. When you're in business for yourself and always looking for the next deal, keeping your capital freed up can be the better option.  

What if your credit is poor? 

For a variety of reasons, many of us end up with less-than-stellar credit. The good news is that bad credit will only minimally affect your ability to drive away in a new Cadillac with loan financing. The auto finance industry works differently than other areas of loan or lease financing. The truth is that people are highly motivated not to lose their cars. As a result, auto finance companies can make deals that would in other areas appear too risky.  

At Arrowhead Cadillac, we have been securing financing for our customers, good credit or bad. Come in for a test drive today. If you see something you like, we'll work out the rest. 


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