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Have you ever slid behind the wheel of your vehicle, started the engine, and noticed that your engine's temperature isn't where it should be on your dashboard? It's a huge inconvenience, but this is a situation that should be addressed promptly to protect your investment in a vehicle. A few reasons can contribute to this issue, and these are the parts of your Cadillac that we will look at first when you bring your vehicle in to our service center with the complaint of an overheating engine.

Leaky Cooling System

A lot can go wrong with your cooling system, as many parts contribute to how it works. You might not notice a large amount of fluid pooling under your vehicle, but a slow coolant leak can make a big difference in the overall temperature of your engine. The problem will only get worse if left unaddressed.

Concerns with Your Water Pump

There needs to be a specific amount of pressure going through your water pump to push coolant through to your engine. This area can become damaged with the daily use of your vehicle, and a small hole is all it takes to cause your engine to overheat.

Radiator Service Needed

Within your engine is a series of fans and a radiator that work together to maintain a cooling temperature. The temperature can increase to an unsafe level when you have a radiator that needs service.

Thermostat Failure

The valve within your thermostat must be functioning perfectly to allow the coolant to move freely. We've seen many of these valves get stuck closed, which prevents coolant from moving through at all. Of course, this leads to your engine overheating.

Inspection of Belts and Hoses

While we check your belts and hoses during a routine inspection of your vehicle, there may be a time when these parts undergo damage. These are pretty simple parts to replace, but you should catch the problem early to prevent further damage.

If you've noticed that your engine isn't maintaining a proper temperature while you're behind the wheel, call Arrowhead Cadillac as soon as you can to make an appointment with our service department. We want to check your vehicle and make necessary repairs before permanent damage takes place.


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