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What is the Cadillac Escalade Maintenance Schedule

The Cadillac Escalade is a machine built to last. Still, it is essential to do your part and keep up with the recommended service. For the most accurate information for your specific model, take a peek at your owner's manual. In the meantime, here are the general service intervals that you should follow.

22,500-Mile Service

While you will want to get regular oil changes and tire rotations, the first semi-major point on the Cadillac Escalade maintenance schedule happens around 22,500 miles. The oil and filter will be checked and changed if needed. The passenger compartment air filter will need to be replaced if it has not been already.

45,000-Mile Service

The same steps from the 22,500-mile checkup are repeated at this point. This service is more involved, however, and adds changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter. At this point, the Escalade's engine air cleaner filter is replaced, the transfer case fluid is replaced, and the evaporative control system is inspected and serviced as needed.

90,000-Mile Service

For the 90,000-mile service, everything from the previous service is repeated as needed. You can choose to have your spark plugs replaced and spark plug wires inspected at this point. Those maintenance items are recommended to happen by 97,500 miles.

135,000-Mile Service

At this point, your Escalade has been serving you well for a long time. The last of the major Cadillac Escalade service intervals happens at 135,000 miles. Once again, the automatic transmission fluid and transfer case fluid are replaced, the engine air cleaner filter is replaced, and the evaporative control system is looked at. If you have not had your engine accessory drive belts replaced, this service appointment is a good time to have it done because it is recommended to happen by 150,000 miles.

By keeping up on your Cadillac Escalade's maintenance, you are ensuring that you get the most out of this vehicle. Our team consists of certified Cadillac experts that can give your Escalade the attention to detail it deserves. Get in touch with our team today to get any questions answered and to schedule your service appointment.


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