Don't get stranded on the side of the road due to a dead battery. Instead, watch our short car battery service video to find out when you should have your car battery replaced and more!

Need A New Car Battery? Find Out Here!

Your car's battery is an often overlooked piece of equipment on your car, which is why many people don't even think about getting their battery serviced. However, regular battery maintenance is essential to keeping your battery running like new, and avoiding early Cadillac battery replacement.


Keeping your battery in good condition should allow it to work for you for up to four years. This means paying close attention to your battery and avoiding actions that might weaken its power.

So what are the best ways to keep your battery from going dead?

Get Regular Cadillac Battery Maintenance

You might not think a lot goes into routine battery service but that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, when your bring your car into our Cadillac auto shop on Bell Road, you'll find that our certified technicians not only look at your battery's power, but also clean the battery to avoid corrosion and check its fluid levels.

Don't Crank Your Engine Too Much

If you find that you are constantly on the move, it might be best to do a little pre-scheduling to ensure that you aren't starting and turning off your car too much. While it might not always be realistic, if you can find ways to decrease the amount of times you start your car, it will limit the amount of power drained from your battery and make it last much longer.

Always Park in the Shade

Do you have a dad, aunt or friend that always insists on parking in the shady spots when you are out and about? Don't make fun of them too much, as they have the right idea!

Limiting the amount of exposure your car has to the sun, especially here in Phoenix, is essential to keeping your battery healthy. Your car's paint job will also thank you as well.

Signs of Battery Failure

If you do all of the above, and stick with regular routine maintenance, then you should find that your battery will live between three to four years. After this, however, your battery will start to fail, so it's best to recognize symptoms of impending battery death.

The main symptoms include:

  • A bloated battery case
  • Engine is slow to crank
  • Battery fluid levels are low
  • Battery leakage

Most of these signs will trigger your car's battery warning light, so be sure to schedule car maintenance service near me when you see it come on.

Affordable Cadillac Battery Service Phoenix, Glendale

Luxury cars deserve luxury service, which is why you should avoid the Jiffy Lubes and Discount Tires of the world, and head over to the service center at Arrowhead Cadillac. Our expert mechanics are here to help you with all your automotive maintenance needs!


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