Young childing holding on to adult's hand  

For Those Without a Voice Overview

Very few charities can focus on so many populations at once as For Those Without a Voice. This charity believes in helping all of God's creatures, no matter what variety they happen to be. Their focus on children, families, animals, and the community at large has been a source of pride for them. More than that, though, it's a source of hope for those people and animals of the world who are suffering mightily with no sense of hope. For Those Without a Voice comes along and provides them hope.

The Mission of For Those Without a Voice

The multifaceted nature of this non-profit organization is one of its greatest strengths. They don't just help children in need, but they support their families, too. Sick children, poor children, and hungry children are sadly some of the people in the world with no voice. This non-profit gives them a voice by finding shelter, food, medicine, and even clothing. They want all of the people that rely on them to feel heard, understood, and most of all, hopeful.

Families also get help. Children's poverty and need come from being in a household that is also in need. You can't help children without also helping the parents. For Those Without a Voice does just that with things like clothing drives and even family vacations to Disney. When parents can do more for their children, these families grow more robust and more hopeful.

Animals even get help from this organization. For example, they help endangered wildlife and even rescue dogs to find their best purpose in life. The 100 Club is a dog training division. Many dogs that they work with go from being abandoned dogs to being some of the fiercest, most useful police dogs in their area. You can see a trend in everything this non-profit does. It takes what is forgotten, neglected, and aimless and brings memories, attention, and purpose to each of these people, families, and even animals. Many businesses in the area sponsor them because they've shown that good things happen for so many people when they're supported and funded, whether it's homeless children or abandoned, helpless animals.

Where You Can Learn More

For Those Without a Voice works with people in Glendale and surrounding areas. To learn more about their mission, please see their website for info. You'll find plenty of success stories and always room for many more.