100 years of cadillac  

Cadillac's vehicles are known for their performance, prestige, and luxury. It's easy to spot a Cadillac on the road today that has the brand's signature design elements. If you drive around in a Cadillac, you'll also note its superior power and smooth ride. These features, which help set Cadillac apart from other automakers, add to its vehicles' appeal no matter what model or body style you choose. These same features are also not new. For more than 100 years, Cadillac has earned a reputation as a leader in the auto industry by introducing many new and notable concepts to the auto market.

Replaceable Spare Parts

Although it's relatively easy to find replacement parts on your car today, that wasn't always the case. The fact that you can get replacement components from your mechanic or dealership can also be attributed to Cadillac, which is the first automaker credited with producing replacement spare parts. Cadillac first introduced the concept in 1908, and it continues to make quality replacement components today. Many other automakers followed in Cadillac's footsteps, allowing automakers to distinguish and market their own quality original manufacturer components from aftermarket parts on the market.

V16 Engine

Cadillac has built many cars with strong engines in the past. One of its original premium engines is the V16, which powered its luxury cars in the 1930s. When it released the V16 engine in 1930, Cadillac introduced the engine as the most powerful engine the world had witnessed. That statement proved to be no exaggeration, and the engine was also accompanied by one of the smoothest-shifting transmission systems on the market as well. Cadillac's innovative V16 engine gave its sedans a maximum power output of 165 HP, which is still a respectable power output today.

Synchro-mesh Transmission

Along with its strong engines, Cadillac also introduced innovative transmission systems to the market. Cadillac created the synchro-mesh transmission system at about the same time as it introduced the V16 engine. The synchro-mesh transmission system was the predecessor to the automatic transmission system, formally introduced in the 1940s. Cadillac equipped its vehicles with either synchro-mesh or automatic transmissions starting in the 1930s, which were followed with the option to get either an automatic or manual gearbox as the transmission later on.

Electric Starter

Cadillac also championed the electrical self-starter, which debuted in the Model Thirty of 1912. The self-starter was introduced on the heels of the electric ignition system to make driving a vehicle easier and safer. The company later used electric technology for its cars' creature comforts, too.

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