If you own a Cadillac vehicle, it might be equipped with a hands-free feature that allows you to open your trunk or liftgate with the motion of your foot. If you have this feature, stand within three feet of your vehicle with your key fob, kick straight out underneath the center of your rear bumper, and pull your foot back. The hands-free sensor is underneath the bumper's center, and kicking your foot out will activate it. Repeat the motion to close your liftgate or trunk. You will need to use a smooth motion and kick straight out; moving your foot from side to side won't work.

2020 Cadillac XT4 Cargo Space With Luggage

Setting the Height of Your Liftgate

You can also adjust the height of your open liftgate. To do this, select the 3/4 setting on your liftgate switch and open the liftgate. Once the liftgate has reached the desired height, stop it and press the liftgate button on your key fob or touchpad. You should hear a beeping sound and see your turn signal lights flash if you do this right.

If you need any help with your hands-free liftgate and power trunk or you would like to have this feature installed in your own Cadillac vehicle, contact Arrowhead Cadillac today. Our friendly technicians will be happy to answer your questions or install any features you would like for your car.