2021 Cadillac Escalade Navigation System  

The navigation system in your Cadillac vehicle may come in handy if you need directions to an unfamiliar location, but only if it contains up-to-date information. Roads and points of interest change more frequently than you might realize, so you'll need to update your navigation system periodically to make sure that you always know where you're going.

The good news is that Cadillac does periodically release update discs that you can purchase from their website or a nearby Cadillac dealership that makes it easy to update your system. The process does take about three hours to complete, and you need to keep your engine running the whole time, so don't start the process unless you have a few hours and plenty of fuel to spare.

2021 Cadillac Escalade Driving Winding Road  

To begin installing your update, start your engine and turn on your navigation system. Press the "Load" button when it appears on screen, and insert the update disc into the disc slot with the label facing up. Press the "Update" button once the disc loads, enter the authentication code that came with your disc, and press "Enter." After about three hours, you should have a current navigation system again.

If you need an update disc for your Cadillac's navigation system or if you have any other questions about the update process, contact Arrowhead Cadillac today. Our friendly staff will be happy to sell you a new disc and walk you through the whole process.

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