Protect Your Cadillac Leather Interior 

Do you have a great Cadillac with a leather interior? It's important to take great care of your car, both inside and out. While you already know about oil changes and maintenance checks, did you know that caring for your car's interior is just as important? There are several things you can do to make sure your car's interior look its very best. Here's what you need to know.

Avoid Greasy Food and Stick to Road Safe Foods

First off, make sure you avoid eating and drinking in your car. Did you know that crumbs, grease, and spills can all cause damage to your car's interior? Avoiding bringing food into your car is an effective way to minimize damage to your vehicle's interior. This will help ensure your Cadillac leather always looks its very best.


Clean with Leather Cleaning Products

You may also want to clean your leather interior on a regular basis. Wipe down the leather seats after use or at regular intervals to ensure that dust and debris does not accumulate on your seats. You may also want to spot check regularly to make sure there are no tears or problems with the seats.

We Can Assist With Your Leather Care

For deep cleaning, visit our dealership so we can assist you with making sure your leather looks as great as possible. Did you know that many problems with leather, including small stains and tears, can be repaired? The right team can do a lot when it comes to fixing your car's interior, so don't wait to get the assistance you need.

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, taking care of the interior ensures you'll get an incredible price when you choose to sell. While selling isn't for everyone, keep in mind that a clean and luxurious-looking interior can be an incredible all-around experience. Whether you're taking a road trip or driving to work, being able to enjoy a clean, fantastic interior is a great feeling.

Want to learn more? Visit us online at or stop by our dealership in Glendale to find out what your options are for maintaining and cleaning your leather interior. We'd love the chance to help you make your car look better than ever, so don't delay. Come visit us today.


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